I get so sad when I read this kind of stories. I thought we were done with LSD and all psychotropic substances since the 70s. Little did I know there would be sane people in the year 2021 advocating for “controlled" usage of such drugs in hopes of curing mental or other diseases. I understand that the world has become very weird and so has life as such. But to recommend, if mildly, the usage of deadly drugs, proven a thousand times capable of killing individuals is way beyond me.

And quoting a research result or two to back this odd theory does not mean much compared to literally thousands that claim the exact opposite.

Risking schizophrenia to hypothetically “cure" way more controllable and traditionally curable kinds of illness, eg like the examples in the article does not make much sense to me. It’s fair and I am open to some people needing to get “high" on something every once in a while. As long as they don’t camouflage the whole experience as potentialy therapeutical for common, well treated and scientifically fully understood and manageable pathologies.

Writer Thomas Piperis | ESCAPE Mediocrity

Dubbed “Data-Driven Story Teller”, Thomas is a Business Communication Pro, Performance Coach and Street Philosopher. I help people escape mediocrity in Life